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It is true sadly in begging_for_upvotes
0 ups, 1h
True. Because everyone who posts here only posts for up votes and rarely upvotes anything be it memes or comments.
upvote me pls :) in begging_for_upvotes
0 ups, 3d
Sorry, I simply didn't get around to it. Please be advised, you will have all your remarks deleted in this stream if you continue. If you are going to be here you need to get familiar with the rules of the stream as well as of the site itself.
See Nobody Cares in begging_for_upvotes
1 up, 6d
If you are the begging stream you should exit. Begging is what people do here.
seriously tho in imgflip
1 up, 1w
It happens to the best of us. LOL
seriously tho in imgflip
1 up, 1w
Not sure it will change it. Sadly we can't change people hell bent on being jerks. But I will argue that these unpleasant folks make me appreciate the more sensible and mature ones just a tad more. LOL