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Cat Logic in fun
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hahahahaha - meme comment of the decade! "I'm sociable just too lazy..."
Inconvenient This in politics
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Believe it or not, the meme was designed to get people asking the question - 1 degree in a 150 years? That relates to an apocalypse?

My point being - an extra 6 billion with consumption at an all time high and the best we can muster is 1 degree of change in essentially that last 40 years. We're letting a emotional 16 year old rid us of critical thought.
Scheer Hates You in politics
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It's a make many assumptions. based on your memes, I would say you're the only dipshit in this thread. But hey, how seriously can we take each other, really.
Scheer Hates You in politics
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who you calling a dipshit, dipshit?
Untitled Image in fun
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Too soon?