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Woke (is this homophobic?) in politics
0 ups, 1w
sad to see the moderators got this wrong...not homophobic, at all.
Don't Fight It in fun
0 ups, 2w
I still don't know why this wouldn't be allowed in politics when clearly, this isn't really all that funny...but that's just me.
Low Blow in politics
0 ups, 3w
hahaha - triggered blm activists sending me hate messages on twitter...I guess they missed the point of the exercise and think Masters is a racist thing. Too bad they can't see the masters have no race or color. They just exist to divide us all.
Sound Logic in politics
0 ups, 4w
build back better is all connected...
Getting paid, bitches! in politics
1 up, 1m
and just as you say that - she doubles down on her original twitter post and adds a story claiming it's horse shame.