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I'm back, though I don't intend to stay here long. Twitter:
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I'm asking because it's a popular font in memes. I've only been able to use it through ESMbot discord bot. in imgflip
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There's this post where this user in the comments seems to have found FEBC disguised as Times New Roman, yet on my device, I see nothing like it. Maybe this'll be a basis for some research for where the font could be laying. But more importantly: if the devs can spend some time to implement this font, I would greatly appreciate it, as then I wouldn't have to rely only on ESMbot to caption images with FEBC text.
anime x furry? in Furries-stream
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Especially those.
Thanos Impossible in Furries-stream
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I mean, yes, conservative furries exist. I've even read an article about one of such. But good luck finding one.
This bingo template is a little wrong. in Furries-stream
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"Has watched furry YouTubers": jrjresq, Majira Strawberry, Odin Wolf, Ludren Dragon, Hyaku1063, Drunk Oak, Sum, PlagueOfGripes, Cwitchy, Kwite, Saberspark, and BetaEtaDelota to name several.

"Watches furry shows": Just started watching Bluey, Shangri-La Frontier, and Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill. I usually watch shows that have this one anthropomorphic animal character like Naruto and rarely those that are predominantly furry like Beastars, which I have yet to start watching. As for movies, I haven't finished The Last Wish and I've not started watching The Bad Guys, but I have watched Zootopia.

"Role plays": Only on CAI, though.

"AD(H)D": Tis be a curse so great to overcome.

"Anxiety/Depression": Not usually.

"Emo": I'm past that. I wouldn't be if I spent half my life grinding hours on Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Shadow the Hedgehog.