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average height in rareinsults
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Do you understand what it means? I wasn’t looking for an argument or an explanation or to be talked to like I don’t know what I’m talking about. And how is it twitters fault? Last time I checked they came up with their own flags? And there’s eighty million of them. Also, aren’t the LGBT community the people who wanted to add pedophiles and zoophiles to their group? Why would I side with people who f**k dogs and babies?
average height in rareinsults
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And I didn’t ask for that either but they made damn sure of it
Pls join and share with friends in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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Because if you have an X and a Y chromosome, you are a male and you don’t need to be in the bathroom with females??

The harm that “gay students” do is evident as well. I’m not saying that it should be illegal to be gay, I’m not saying anything of the sort, but if you’re gonna go against the biology of your own body, then the least you can do is stay within the lines of the society that you’re a part of, otherwise, you can leave. I quite personally don’t care about the gay community whatsoever. Y’all can do whatever y’all need to as long as it stays out of my life, and stays within the boundaries set by society. And if that makes me a bigot, then I guess I’m a proud bigot.

The great part about this country though is that we have the right to have our own opinions, and like I said before, the only thing wrong in my opinion is when other people interfere with others’ freedoms and try to change their opinions.

Agree to disagree, suck it up or leave, that’s the only option, sorry if it sucks.
Untitled Image in SexyGirls
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Holy shit
Specifically abt blob chan. (Geeb istg) in MS_memer_group
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