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Shut Up, face the facts
Just saying, I'm from England so I'll just watch this boil down
Predicting the future
Yup. Valens was 17, Holly 22 and Bopper 28, in one fell swoop 3 massive acts wiped out, the darkest day in music. Holly's wife had a miscarriage and BH inducted in first year of Rock n roll hall of fame in 1986.
Predicting the future
Buddy Holly's death is coming up to 60th anniversary, look up how he died...heartbreaking
I.T. Crowd - Douglas Reynholm : Spaceology
This is the founder of Spaceology, this is what he said when i met him on holiday 2 weeks ago...No relation to Lady Gaga or Shaggy
I.T. Crowd - Douglas Reynholm : Spaceology
Think about that, that means all the stars you see in the sky are wishes...Those effects are just marvellous