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Curious Intelligible Creatures want to know ! in politics
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well that's just politics for you. But I have never seen politics get as bad as when Trump got into office. The news always had something to report on him. Then when Biden got elected, the news was so quiet, it felt so unusual
rip technoblade in fun
1 up, 1m
Cool. I love Jacksepticeye so I'm amazed I can't remember them
May you rest in peace technoblade. in Middle-School
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LONG LIVE THE KING | image tagged in technoblade holding sign | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
God can't die wdym?

RIP one of the kings of YT
rip technoblade in fun
0 ups, 1m
huh i guess not then. I mean i've never heard of them tho what do they do.