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Blank White Template in HAMILTON
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Also Hamilton in Slytherin because he was resourceful ("Working, Clerking for his late mother's landlord. Trading sugar cane and rum and all the things he can't afford. Scamming for every book that he could get his hands on")

Burr in Ravenclaw because he's very deliberative (You've got to be carefully taught if you talk you're gonna get shot!)

Laurens in Gryffindor because he's very chivalrous and courageous ("Yeah but we'll never be truly free, until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me. You and I, do or die, wait till I sally in on a stallion")

Lafayette in Ravenclaw because he had a clever strategy to empower France to rebel against the monarchy by joining the american revolution("The unrest in france will lead to anarchy") and just a plain genius

Mulligan in Slytherin because like the other comment said he joined the war for his own gain ("I'm joining the rebellion cuz I know it's my chance to socially advance")

Eliza in Hufflepuff because "I've never anyone as trusting or as kind"

Angelica in Gryffindor because she's always very determined and was courageous enough to advocate for women's rights in the 18th century

Washington in Gryffindor because he was chivalrous to not retreat during the war, unlike some of his comrades.

Jefferson in Slytherin because he only loyal to Madison for his own gain

Madison in Hufflepuff because he was always by Jefferson's side

Phillip in Gryffindor because he would do anything to protect his dad's legacy and was very determined
Blank White Template in HAMILTON
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Oops sry not finished
Blank White Template in HAMILTON
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Hmm... Probably
Hamilton in Slytherin since he was very ambitious ("Just you wait'')
So. Stupid. in fun
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This is why I feel so bad for Marty every time I watch Back to the Future