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I don't make as many memes as I used to but I still like to socialize meet new people! come talk to me :D
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i guess i’m white in MS_memer_group
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nah, i'd nah, i'd
lets see the internet pop off over woman thighs in MS_memer_group
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post nut clarity bout to go insane we need november to arrive pronto
Untitled Image in MS_memer_group
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dont forget the abstract blonde lips
Untitled Image in fun
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hey guys, for a prank, make someone say "hey guys, for a prank" while saying "hey guys for a prank" but its actually hey guys, for a prank because hey guys for a prank is for a prank is for a prank. hey guys for a prank prank someone pranking a hey guys for a prank make a prank thats hey guys for a prank kanrp a rof syug yeh hey guys for a prank say "prank a for guys hey" then explain why hey guys for a prank repeat everything above 10 time to confused the people reading this prank. hey guys for a prank.