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The Battle Cats enthusiast and local horny man. "Why can't everyone be straight?" -random.paper
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"DON'T BLINK" in fun
0 ups, 1mo
the joke is that there is no joke, so your blind which is why you need glasses

I think
Data sleeping in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 1mo
how full of yourself do you have to be to have a body pillow of yourself lol
*gulps* in Dark_humour
1 up, 1mo
nuclear holes make nuclear goals
Angry Birds Dice Roll in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 1mo
finally, its time we did something abt them
Who remembers any of these in fun
0 ups, 1mo
I'm not talking about modern cg5, he sucks with his grimace shake songs or whatever

but "Lyin' 2 Me" and "I See a Dreamer" were the golden age of his music