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A member that is into Pokémon, Mario, Boardroom suggestion memes, and well almost anything that is nice.
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I have nothin' better to do. in rareinsults
0 ups, 3h
People asing to be roasted have nothing better to do with their lives, you are the exception since you have no life. ( Did I go to far?)
she do look like mj tho in rareinsults
0 ups, 14h
Annie is fine, she only had a severe concussion and is currently in a coma, but she is fine.
Untitled Image in rareinsults
0 ups, 15h
Thats because he has more followers than you. ( I had to)
Spotted this gem while playing Infectious Smile on Roblox. in rareinsults
1 up, 17h
Strange... that kid described himself.
deaded in rareinsults
1 up, 19h
It is like Kermit is the one who posted this.