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Hello. I'm okay, for the most part. I am just SICK of seeing people on this site disrespecting the LORD with what they ""think"" are funny memes. The one _Jessica did a few weeks ago just capped the bottle tight once and for all. And then to see others in here reply to her with their own "SO-CALLED" humor just made me realize that I cannot do this anymore. I've already let too much go as it is. Although I have made comments here and there, and even a couple of Pro-Religious memes. But it's time to accept that I'm just out-numbered, and I need to move on. Sorry. But I am not deleting my account because there is the occasional meme I will find funny and wanna reply to. Thanks for inquiring, bro/hon. *Hugs
After 3 years and 1400 submissions, you'd think I'd be just a tad more popular
I don't understand what you mean by "CLAIM" to be a redhead