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Gen 7 middle evo fanart (not by me) in Pokemon_stream
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incinaroar is my 2nd fav pokemon ever
I'm just curious, that's all. in Middle-School
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Didn't get in trouble but still a story. During summer school after 5th grade (context me and my best friend were called gay because we were with each other all the time) He made this pac man out of tape and sticky notes. He was tossing it around and it ended up hitting this girl. This simp came to me and my friend called us gay and threatened him. I stood up, he told me I was a chicken and pushed my friend, I pushed him into bookshelf. My friend pulled me off him and another kid pulled him away from me. Only got a less then 2 min talk cause the teach knew how bs this guy was. Worth it mess with him mess with me would do it again in a heartbeat. (Also this guy got expelled later for sexually assaulting a girl)
Untitled Image in Minecraft
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nah all these hit different