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Mango in Drawings
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Where is the mango tree.
Till summer ends story (only reposting the image cause ppl won't know what I'm talking about.) Story in comments. in Drawings
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Till Summer Ends is about 3 kids (Phinny, Scout, and Astrid), who are sucked into a digital world during their summer break. The kids have seemed to 'destroyed the peace' in the digiverse and now every single thing (not EVERY single thing), wants to kill them. Trying to find a way out, They soon discover if they DON'T find a way out the digiverse will corrupt the real world, Their bodies will implode from the lack of balance, and all balance will be destroyed. In this game, there are 3 endings. The 'All is walending: All 3 children escape and balance is restored, The '2 is well 1 is forgoten' ending: Phinny allows Astrid and Scout to escape, leaving himself to die alone. Last but not least, the '3 but not forgoten' ending: Phinny's mom helps the children out of the digiverse portal, but gets sucked in herself and dies, leaving Phinny, and Astrid alone with their dad.
Rotisserie's TTYD Temp in Drawings
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God of light/ radience