Imgflip Pro

Free Pro
Ability to remove "" watermark from all images you create No Yes
Advertisements Yes No. Ads will not be shown to users while they're viewing your images either.
Image Lifetime Not always forever. Images older than a couple months with very few views/votes are removed to save resources Forever (as long as your account is Pro)
Animated Gif Maker (from video)
Create GIFs ultra fast Yes Yes
Reverse GIF Yes Yes
Special "Forverse" Feature Yes Yes
Crop GIF Yes Yes
Speed Up / Slow Down GIF Yes Yes
Customize Width and Height Yes Yes
Rotate GIF Yes Yes
Flip GIF Horizontally or Vertically Yes Yes
Interactive Video Preview Yes Yes
Max frames per GIF 80 400 (better framerate and smoother animation)
Max Dimensions 360x360 (not HD) Unlimited (High Definition and beyond?!?!)
Max Total Resolution (Frames x Width x Height) 6M 60M
Max text boxes per GIF 1 Unlimited
Max Video Segment Length 20 Seconds 80 Seconds
Sounds on GIFs No Yes (when viewed on
Ability to remove "" watermark from GIFs No Yes
Animated Gif Maker (from images)
Max frames per GIF Unlimited Unlimited
Max Dimensions 500x500 (not HD) Unlimited (High Definition and beyond?!?)
Max text boxes per GIF 1 Unlimited
Max Size of GIF that you can store on Imgflip 4MB 32MB
Ability to remove "" watermark from GIFs No Yes
9.95 / month. Cancel at any time.
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Q: I don't like subscriptions. Can I just buy one month?

A: Of course! Just go cancel your subscription right after you buy it. Your account will remain Pro until the subscription period has ended.

If you're looking for Pro Basic, which is only for memes (not gifs), see