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Story mode part 1 (Mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension) | Part 1; You wake up. You play your console. None of your friends are online. You noticed that they unfriended you. You have school. You noticed that you are going alone. You arrived at school. The whole class is partying without you. You try knocking on the door. The teacher opens the door and it's hurts your ears from the sound. All the lights shut down. The whole class doesn't care about it and keeps partying. You hear lots of loud bangs. Someone knocks on the door. There is a killer in this school. He starts to kill everybody. You run for your life. You call the cops, but they don't respond. You found a car, but you are a kid. You go as fast as you can. The cops saw you driving a car as a kid. They chase you. You try to get away, but they are too fast. You go at the redline of the car. The car's engine overheated. You try to start the engine, but it's overheated, broken, so you run. The cops have a AK47 and a SPAS-12. You start to get injured. You can't get away from the cops, even if you are trying so hard. There's some strange purple thing straight to you. It's a portal. You ran into it. You are now in the portal, now you don't know where your going, might be good or bad. | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension,story mode uncanny and canny,mr incredible,uncanny | made w/ Imgflip meme makerOpinions of mine | Mr Incredible but it's what I think about them; Nothing Strange; Uh....are you alright? Uh oh... 1930'S; OH GOD HE'S FACING FORWARDS; He knows what you did 😰; BOB_IS_MAD.AVI; We're in too deep; I'm ready...depression... Creepy... OH GOD HE'S MELTING; Demon; EXTREME DEMON; 7/29/95 build (Super Mario 64); Alone...F O R E V E R; SMILE 😃; THE POINT OF NO RETURN; TROLLGE; YOU'VE BEEN TROLLED; SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS; Pure evil; RUN... THE FACE OF DEATH; AHHH! IT'S A ZOMBIE! ULTRA DEMON; ETERNAL SCREAMING; WHAT THE FRICK IS THIS 🤨; "I eat eyes"; Despair; BOB SKELETON; THE RAKE; Chaotic Evil; THE DEVIL | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension,the what,oh god why,what the heck | made w/ Imgflip meme makerWho agrees with me? | POV: I WATCH (EXTENDED); BOSS BABY; NEVER SAYS NEVER; THE STAR; JAWS (1975); READY PLAYER ONE; PIXELS MOVIE; BOB'S BURGERS MOVIE; SIMPSONS MOVIE; PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN SERIES; CRUELLA; GODZILLA VS. KONG; LIGHTYEAR; VIDEO BRINQUEDO MOVIES; WHITE CHICKS; FREE GUY (2021); MORTAL KOMBAT (2021); TED; DRACULA (1992); VENOM (2018); BROS MOVIE; UNDERTALE MOVIE; JERKY BOYS MOVIE; BAD BOYS; THE PURGE; ARMY OF THE DEAD; SUICIDE SQUAD; CHILD'S PLAY/CHUCKY SERIES; EXORCIST; FRIDAY THE 13TH; SOUTH PARK BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT; FINAL DESTINATION; ROAD TRIP; SAUSAGE PARTY | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension,bad movies | made w/ Imgflip meme makerPhase origins in case you forgot. | PHASE ORIGINS, I GUESS; THE ART OF INCREDIBLES; AN UNKNOWN TWITTER ACCOUNT MADE THIS ONE. LIKE PHASE 2, BUT WITH TEARS (BLOOD, MAYBE?) DRAWN IN. IT'S ALSO IN GREYSCALE. LIKE PHASE 2, BUT DISTORTED; LIKE THE LAST PHASE, BUT WITH A POLICE SKETCH OF DERRICK TODD LEE COPY PASTED IN. LIKE PHASE 4, BUT WITH BLACKED-OUT EYES; LIKE THE LAST PHASE, BUT WITH BOB EYES (7 TOTAL); LIKE PHASE 5, BUT DISTORTED; LIKE PHASE 6, BUT MORE DISTORTED; HE HAS OPENED HIS EYES FOR THE LAST TIME. COPY PASTED SKULL; RED FOR SOME REASON. MOUTH HAS BEEN LIQUIFIED. LIKE THE LAST PHASE, BUT WITH A BRIGHTER SHADE OF RED, DRAWN EYES, A WIDER SMILE, AND BOB EYES (5 TOTAL INSTEAD OF 7); LOOK UP SAD TROLLFACE. (IT HAS BEEN EDITED TO LOOK SADDER THAN THE ORIGINAL IMAGE.); FROM AN INCIDENT (FORGOT WHICH ONE); AHENOBARBUS HENOCIED; RED WOJAK; THE FIRST TROLLGE INCIDENT; TROLLGE.EXE; SKULL; FROM A GAME (FORGOT WHICH ONE); CRYING RADIO MAN; "HUNGER" BY ANDREAS FREDRIKSSON; CREEPY ZOMBIE KID; CURSED VIDEOS? (IDK); SCARIER FACES; AT THE BARBERSHOP MEME; BOB EYES EVERYWHERE; PHASE 11 SKULL WITH RED DOTS; PHASE 20 SKULL WITH BOB EYES; SCP-096? I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM. MIRRORED RED PHASE 6 | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension | made w/ Imgflip meme makerMr Incredible Becomes Uncanny In the Backrooms | YOU ENTER THIS BACKROOMS LEVEL; LEVEL 11; LEVEL 1; LEVEL 0; LEVEL 5; LEVEL 2; THE END; LEVEL 6; LEVEL 7; LEVEL 8; THE VOID; THE HIVE; LEVEL 11.3; LEVEL 14; LEVEL FUN =); LEVEL 389; LEVEL ! LEVEL 777; LEVEL !-! LEVEL 888; LEVEL 999; THE AFTERPARTY; LEVEL 82; LEVEL 611; LEVEL 666; LEVEL 3999.1; YOU CHEATED; TH3 SH4DY GR4Y; LEVEL 304; LEVEL -177; LEVEL 952; LEVEL 885; T!!HE VO!!ID; LEVEL OH GOD OH F*** | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension | made w/ Imgflip meme makerreworked it | POV: YOU LIVE HERE (REWORK); HONG KONG; USA; CHINA; BURKINA-FASO; SENEGAL; PHILIPPINES; LESOTHO; RUSSIA; LEBANON; PAPUA NEW GUINEA; EGYPT; IRAN; GUATEMALA; CAMEROON; TURKMENISTAN; NIGER; UKRAINE; BELARUS; MOZAMBIQUE; CHAD; MALI; BURUNDI; ISRAEL; SUDAN; DRC (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO); ZAMBIA; SOUTH SUDAN; CAR (CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC); MYANMAR; NORTH KOREA; YEMEN; AFGHANISTAN; SOMALIA | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny 3rd extension,memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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