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me | Ohiokid37 (i gotta change it); Luke; 13; male; 107 lbs; 5'5; March 21 2023; bi, introverted, single (i think), and the only imgflip user who has touched grass in the last month; memes (clearly), Italian food, gaming, family gatherings, school, and wannabe black people who say the frickin n-word despite being white (dont we all?); meme making, gaming, Cross Country (long distance running), DnD club; Spaghetti; idk; 1/3 Dr.pepper, 1/3 Orange soda, 1/3 coke (trust me its good); (im insecure about my face so take this ) | image tagged in imgflip id card | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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sub to danker

sub to danker | DankerMemer1; (not available); 13; male; 129; 5'7; 2023-04-19; im a valorant youtuber; making youtube videos, playing games, and my dog; my 2 brothers and school; playing games and making videos; pizza; mortal kombat; coke | image tagged in imgflip id card | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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My ImgFlip ID-Card

My ImgFlip ID-Card | Imp. Note : If Ur Not Reading Allat Then Just Ignore It and Move On Please. Erocan_Meme_Club; David B. Yanson; Male; 14; (Unknown); (Unknown); 2023-07-15; I am a 14 y.o. Filipino Autistic Teen, More Info Coming Soon :/; Furries and Other Fandom Related to the FF,
Classical Music, Fandom-Defending Online, Beautiful 
Digital Artwork From DA or 8Bit Pallete Color Cycling,
Practicing Violin to Insperate My Favorite Violinist 
Inspirate My Favorite Violinist Hilary Hahn, 
Remembering Good Memories From 2012 -2022,COD the Classic 1 - 3, ETC. Anti-Furries, (X)Status Videos, Neo-Nazis (Especially AtomWaffen), Zoophiles, Pedophiles, Dream Stans,the SS, People Who Disrespects Anything I Like/Love, Being Offended/Scared For Life, Coalitionalism, Human-Supremacy, Being Scolded By Coaltards Online and Offline, Offensive Memes,ETC, Having Eczema. Practicing Violin/Piano/Conducting, MS Paint, Posting 
Random Memes, Listening to Classical Music/Game 
Soundtracks From the Classic MOH to COD and MS,
ETC. Burger Stake, Pizza, ETC. The Bad Guys, Come and See, any War Film, 9, ETC. Milkshakes, Coke/Pepsi, ETC. "A Symbol of Peace and War To All, May There Will Be No Disrespect."
-David | image tagged in imgflip id card,peace,fandom,defense | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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id card

id card | SkyDickLotion; i call myself sky but idk my real name; 10; Female; I actually dont know; 150cm; 4th august 2023; I am sky, i make the funny, memes are cool, i am a godess; Piss, memes, cringe, overwatch, genshin impact; Msmg, ripping peoples ocs off when i dont know i did; Pissing; Children; Barbie (i didnt Watch it yet); Cu- I’m not saying that lol | image tagged in imgflip id card | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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imgflip ID Card

imgflip ID Card | Reimu_Hakurei; William Granger; 16; Male; 5ft 10in; 115.6; 2023-04-29; I am a #1 fan of Final Fantasy, Touhou and Roblox. I also like other stuff. Touhou, Final fantasy, my friends, Roblox, respect, etc. Bvg, Fortnite, TikTok, cringe, gacha, spambots, harassment, etc. Playing games; Pizza; Super Mario Bros movie; Mountain Dew | image tagged in imgflip id card | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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imgflip ID Card

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All about me!

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