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FLAGS DON'T KILL AND HATE ONLY BAD PEOPLE DO | image tagged in freedom,american flag,political correctness,southern pride,southern flag | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Thats like when Reich wingers say "Guns don't kill people, people do!!" When discussing gun control. Implying that the left believes that Guns autonomously decide on their own to kill people 🙃. Classic Strawman. Just like with Guns, the Confederate flag empowers stupid people to make bad decisions. Nazism is a part of German history, but you don't see anyone other than Neo Nazis flying a Hakenkruez. The flag should be put in a Museum so that we may learn from history, but let's not dilude ourselves into thinking that the flag represents anything other than the right to own Slaves.
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Sorry g, but guns autonomous killing is not my implication, it's your inference. But let me clear up the message: People who wish to do harm will find a way whether guns are banned or not. And while you believe that the confederate flag only stands for slave ownership, I can assure you that you are incorrect. Erasing history, burning books, toppling statues, banning flags... those are all tactics used by cultists and communists. They all go against freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think you should clean your own room before you talk about how mine should be kept.
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Also, wanting to learn from a part of history that is ugly isn't communist because you don't like it. Would you be upset if someone erected a statue of Adolf Hitler in your neighborhood and someone took it down? Would that therefore be communist because some people didn't want that statue to be removed, but they gave in to the libs who complained that it was antisemitic and did it anyway?
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Nowhere did I say we should erase history. People can realistically do whatever they want, but don't be surprised when your symbol of hatred is toppled regardless of what you believe. Show me some proof that everything in the Confederacy wasn't somehow tied to the ownership of slaves, and I will shut my mouth. By the way, I'm Canadian. We slaughtered first nations people by the thousands. Just because something is a part of our history, doesn't mean it's necessarily worth preserving.
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