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So the Sizzle 2024 trailer deopped, and I am lowkey scared. I'll leave my thoughts in replies.

So the Sizzle 2024 trailer deopped, and I am lowkey scared. I'll leave my thoughts in replies. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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So we have a new stage, 2 new weapons and one hell of a Big Run.
The Wellstring honestly feels... Weird to me, like it's max acc is at half charge. And add in 5 bombs 'cause why not. That'll def hurt.
The Mint Decavitator honeslt seems like a really fun weapon, but I learnt it has bubbler. And I'm kinda perplexed about this. Maybe it'll be a Splat Roller like Bubbler, but IDK.
The new stage looks... Actually really cool, I'm genuinely hyped to play on it.
The Big Run with all three King Salmonoids at the same time though... Oh boy💀
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Or the jelly is hinting at a concert
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Hey so, new details on the Mint Decavitator and Wellstring V (its been around since nintendo posted the kits on X)

Wellstring V is made by Custom (it has the custom logo on it) and its second kit is Custom Wellstring V, being launched once the new season starts.

The Mint Decavitator is made by Nouveau, and like Wellstring, it is getting its second kit once the season starts (Mint Decavitator Nouveau?).

This is likely because Nintendo wants to launch all the new kits in one go, along with the new Stringer and Splatana.

oh and as a HUGE Heavy Edit fan, NEW HEAVY EDIT SPLATLING HYPE!!!

My nicknames for the new Stringer and Splatana:

Penta-Stringer (Penta means five, as well as Quintuple, but I thought Penta would work better.)

Electro-Splatana (or Splatana Decavitator)

These nicknames are subject to change.

Oh, I had a stage idea, but the new map (I call it Splatsville Central cause I keep forgetting the name.) killed it. I am still open to suggestions!
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I'm in Danger + blank place above | MY FRIENDS WHEN I SEE THE NEW SPLATANA: | image tagged in i'm in danger blank place above | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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