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Monkees Hs rp (art is not mine)

Monkees Hs rp (art is not mine) | PROMPT; IN COMMENT | image tagged in the monkees | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The Monkees High school rp
Prompt 1 ~ You were sent to the past at the same school as the Monkees were at you saw them circle up by the jock (which is a guy that does sport /popular) The guy :"Look at these goofball they're just wasting time ". Mike:"Sorry Mr.Jocks were to busy writing songs for the talent show ". The guy :"Yeah what band name Monkee ".Davy:"I don't see you writing music ".Peter:"Yeah we have fun messing around so leave us alone ". Micky:"We been nice and been out of you way ".
Prompt 2~ You got teleport to the past in middle of the Monkee hangout on the ground sing a song and on the jock came up to them The guy:"Look at the Hippies singing folk music". Mike:"I take that as good thing the Beatles are during good sing Lonely Heart club songs and Hot chilies pepper heart club". Davy:"I love that ablum". Peter:"I more a fan of their Abbey Road album ". Micky:"I am Ac/Dc but the Beatles are good too". The Guy:"Look at these nerdy hippie talk".
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