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House of Secrets

House of Secrets | image tagged in drain the swamp,the thing,rare pepe,cicada,qanon | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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[D] 🐸 Class
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Army of Jesus
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For the "Microsoft Guys"
Justice is coming

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Soggy Soy Toast Emperor

Soft 🍦 Serves and Power
"Mockingbird Patterns"

it's not protecting children
using A.i.
from online Pedo Preds
On his agenda
It's Freethinkers this douchebag
is more concerned
Just in the UK now imagine the planet


Don't even bother listening
to this WEFY parasite

your brain will thank me

Another Cooper 2008 Nathane Wolfe

Bock Bock Mock Mock πŸ“

πŸš‚ 🐸 HONK

Copy Paste search
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12 Chemists


just imagine if I knew what
I was doing !

Terramar again

Penthouse and β˜‘οΈ

Whitehouse Haha


Are you ready to give up ?

i'm NOT !
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πŸ–Ό Job
Nice Try !

Spooky s
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Notice the Cameras
ready to capture the moment
Reminds me of the CCP Fear Propaganda
from Con19
Cameras focused on people
dropping Dead
doing the funky chicken
out of the blue
ever see that anywhere else
in the world ? or
Bug Spray Foggers Trucks
Think it was only 4 in total
See those either ?
in any city
The Propaganda from behind the
"Great Firewall"
did its job
Sparked the match that πŸ”₯

how many other cities ?

All about False Fear

Look here

not at us
thieving and lying

Master of Bullshit

πŸ”₯ Flares we got a πŸͺ° πŸͺ€


Cult of πŸͺ

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Notice the Theme or Patterns
Soft Men and Power ?
Gates Trudeau Hoover ect .
Guess there will be plenty
of new Jobs investigating previous cases
Canada and US
Just think if they are capable of
Railroading Gen Flynn and President Trump, what skeletons are
kept in the Vaults.
I can think of many
Especially 911
I don't think people realize
just how massive these
latest revelations are.
A long history of the same Patterns

A terrible Chef makes the
entire Kitchen look Bad
usually the Staff turn on them

do a lil research on that tonight

Thumb Drives are ?

Download Speeds versus Hacks

You can just imagine
my surprise πŸ¦‘ ,s
Murder 2.0

Seven Faces of Death Snuff?
Seen that VHS too when I was little
Sure Cults but Blackmail can be a lot
simpler especially being Gay and married
back in the day
Look at Gates and Epstein

Now one would think National Security
be a real topic of choice these coming
with Gates in charge of Critical
Food Cyber Health ect

Wont hold my breath
πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

PS thats the 4am Narrative Drop
Wink Wink
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A new Hope

Good Deeds get noticed

20 years myself

Seems the Jims Ricky are making
an effort
Think will try a New approach
Only post famous people willing
to take the mask off .
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Pyschop De Psyops
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48% Mocketh Capabilities
just saying
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Kinda like exit strategies
Military leaders ?
or let's bring out A.i.
we haven't
even touched on the
Social effects
first 2 decades of Smart phones
and internet
Look how retarded society
has gotten
maybe it's the plan
Dummy down society so
much they need a machine to
think for them
Sounds about right .
especially if your Lucy

Honestly I do laugh at you

Anything for a dollar or like πŸ‘

Ask all of you "Smart" Folks a simple
I can remember every Friends phone
phone number from 1984 till now
Can you ?

maybe your not as "Smart" as
you Think

How many Veteran's Hospitals have
been built after 25 years of War

You know exit strategies
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Future head of Government or Twitter
Anything for money
Likes πŸ‘β˜‘οΈ

A byproduct by your design β˜‘οΈ
"Gentlemen" ❌

IOU Bigly

if I was king πŸ‘‘ for a day
Seems you like to play with Sandboxes
from personal experience

Instead of Drag Queen story hour
Would be classes on how to
use the inter-webs
and Social effects to beware of
Plus a second Safe internet for kids 1-18
Password based for Kids
any adult caught bypassing security
on Kids-net
gets automatic Life Sentence

One for Adults one for kids

Let the Parents have tools to access
Adult Webs and [only] monitor child's
web activities from external web source
Parent Forums and discussions
on content
Keeps an eye on content or Brainwash
from web providers

Wont be 100% effective but at least
it's a Start

Bad for you guys
Cuts into Young Girls dreams of
becoming an Only Fans Star ⭐️
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πŸͺ– πŸƒ
Dank Night Rises
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Yep !
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This day in History May 19,_Mr._President


πŸͺ– 🐸
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Agent 17
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Engage πŸ‘‰
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Ya But.. .

Who makes the World
Rad ?

Special K

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🦍 😷

guerrillas by night

Rome [P]
23 = Pain

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Anonymously πŸ˜†

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