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No Trials = Yes, Tribunals

No Trials = Yes, Tribunals | image tagged in change my mind,covid vaccine,no covid amnesty,government tyranny,medical tyranny,corporate capture | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Long-term studies for safety and efficacy? Nope. Medium-term? No. Studies long enough to cover even a pregnancy? Not even that. Mandated by honest governments? No. Produced by ethical corporations? Nope. Promoted by scrupulous MSM? Didn't happen. Overseen by international bureaucrats and organizations with credentials and integrity? Nein. Shilled by billionaires without conflicts of interest? No-go here too. Regimes skimping on science; overloading on dishonesty, fearmongering, coercion, tyranny, and corruption = nobody took a Covid "vaccine" with informed consent. The exact opposite of Covid amnesty can't begin soon enough.
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I'm experimenting with a couple different varieties o' this meme theme. Lemme know which one you think's best . . Cheers.
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