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nice face, V

nice face, V | image tagged in murder drones | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
654 views 5 upvotes Made by LLucid 9 months ago
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Yes lol
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V when she sees that J is back:
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Karen: my kid is a little angel...

Her kid:
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what the hell is this and why is the this second time I've seen one of these
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it's called Murder Drones and you should watch it
The character herself is V
If you want a brief description it's basically about robots murdering each other a lot and also the main character is an edgy teenager who built a railgun
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i have watched all the episodes that are out right now and this is definitely one of those things i'm gonna be a fan of.
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I can now add one more person to the list of people I have gotten interested in murder drones
I am unstoppable
welcome to the cult
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this may become one of the things i'm secretly nerd out about after watching episodes one.
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