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Pictochat come be lonely with me

Pictochat come be lonely with me | Poems plug; Read if so bored you're willing to read really bad written poems | image tagged in pictochat come be lonely with me | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Maybe I'd be a songwriter by now
If I weren't scared I'd cut my own fingers open on the guitar

Maybe I'd be an actress by now
If the theatre club hadn't been cancelled

Maybe I'd be a programmer by now
If I hadn't quit coding after summer

Maybe I'd be a model by now
If I weren't so shy

Maybe I could have been anywhere else
Anyone else
Doing anything else
Except writing this stupid poem on the notes app of my phone
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- Wasted Possibilities
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You were a wolf in my story
And I, your unsuspecting prey
You used to be the monster,
Who tortured me everyday

You left me bleeding,
Traumatized and stunned
And red riding hood's grown up now
Always carrying a gun

But the full moon has passed
And you're just a boy
And that scary mask of yours
Was all just a coy
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- Big Bad Boy
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Beautiful, scarred soul
My darling, my love, my forever
I want to be your everything
As you have become mine
My fallen Lucifer,
My favorite sin
Make me your obsession,
Your muse
And we, two broken beings
Lonely and lost
We will fix each other
[deleted] M
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- Beautiful Soul
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Beautiful poems. You’re talented
[deleted] M
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Thx πŸ˜ƒ
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Keep me with you,
Like a torch in a dark cave to warm your heart
A trusty little lighter in your pocket
Your own girl of flame
I'm a blazing inferno, people call me a natural disaster
You're my beloved firefighter,
But you thought I was gold
Still you refuse to quench my flame and kill me off
One day, we'll have a fiery wedding
And burn down the world with our passion
[deleted] M
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I named this one "Let's commit arson together"
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Bubonic lore
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One day, this dreaded chapter will end
You'll finally write the last sentence,
Stab a period when you're finished
And then,
Happily ever after will begin
And the tale of our love will last forever more;
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Short and sweet
[deleted] M
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- Our Tale
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I'm a lone soldier made to fight a war I was meant to lose
My mouth sewn shut, I learned to write
Hoping someone would understand
Hoping I'd write my own way out of the darkness
I fought back tears only to let them fall at night
I am tough, I can take this
I have something they could never take away
I hide it between the letters
Between the spaces
With every stroke of my pen
My soul
The stardust fueling my veins
I bled from every challenge life threw at me
And used the blood as ink
It was my rebellion
A flurry mess of pink and smiles
Optimism still reigns in my mind no matter what
And through it all,
Through the tears,
Through the masks I'm forced to wear,
It's still me
I am invincible
[deleted] M
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- Lone Soldier
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The day it ended I did not weep
It was a happy day a day people celebrated
The day it ended I did not realize it had gone so fast
Now the sweetest lie childhood was over
And I had not been prepared for it
It's like I was pushed off a plane before the parachute was given before the manual was read with only congratulations and bits and pieces of advice I did not understand
Months after the end was when I realized I had grown up
I had realized things are not the same
I was now so aware I had something men could easily take away even if I didn't want them to
I was now so aware I had so much to do so many promises that I didn't make to fulfill
I was now so aware that things weren't as fair and just as I thought it would be
I was now so aware my entire life hangs in the balance now and the numbers the teachers give me will make or break my entire future
I was now so aware of everything and nothing at the same time
I knew nothing
And everything
They let an underprepared soldier into the war that is life
And the passing of time hit me like a bus
The day that it ended I did not mourn
I should have wept
[deleted] M
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- The day it ended
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Interesting seeing you here
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Wsg OG
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how are ya'll finding this place after this long?
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From Nar's recent comments

people still visit her account randomly lmao
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same lmfao
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Why do I even bother
Making up sentences in my head
Words coming from my heart
When they only end up trapped in my mouth
I've learned to make new alter egos
For every person I meet
Change the filter on my mouth
When I turn to greet them
It's there for a reason
For good reason
It's been done so many times
That no one knows who I am
That I don't know who I am

When I'm not acting
When I'm alone
Who am I?
What do I like?
What do I do?
Lying is like second nature to me, a habit
I've forgotten what it was like to be true
True to myself
True to the people I wanna be true to
But I can't
Because a million doubts turn in my brain
Would they like the me I really am?
Or would I end up discovering their friendship is conditional?
They seem to like the version of me that I show them

But still, they don't know me
They should know me

But I don't know me
Not anymore
Because whatever personality I've made up for myself
Feels like a filtered personality
[deleted] M
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- Filtered Personality
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I've learned to cry silently at night,
So quietly, no one hears it
I fear what happens if someone finds out
I have emotions
I should have learned not to envy those who have a shoulder to cry on
I bet even my pillow is tired of my tears
I bet everyone's tired of me

Does the moon hear me?
Do the stars care?
Would anyone care?
People have learned to ignore my puffy eyelids at morning
Just as I intended

But still

What would it be like to cry to someone?
For them to tell me everything will be okay for once?
That I'm not the problem?

I'm the only one I have left to console me
I'm the only one there to wipe my own tears
Even I am tired of me

The crickets seem to laugh at me
To laugh at my sensitivity
They say I'm too emotional
Even they are tired of me

If only I could throw away my emotions,
Live like a robot with simulated feelings
Things would be easier
And I wouldn't spend my midnights crying
[deleted] M
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- Midnights crying
[deleted] M
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He's somewhere else now
On his way to success
Meanwhile, the fool that loved him stays behind
Stuck in her own pathetic paracosm
Her parent's first failure
"Maybe one day, I'll get somewhere"
She thinks
But the future she hopes for slips further and further away by the second
Like sand between her fingers
[deleted] M
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- Somewhere Else
[deleted] M
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It's kind of stupid
How I grieved a love that never happened
I knew, I know
But still
You were everything once
You were the sun, the sky
The oxygen I breathed
And you didn't even know you were

Maybe you liked me back,
Our friends said you did, you too
I didn't believe it soon enough,
Now look at us now
But it's not like anything would have happened
I wanted love, you wanted your future
It's not a f**king fairytale after all
And you probably never wanted me

No wonder I'm just the average kid
And you're the top of the class
No wonder it's like everyone's on their way to success
And I'm not even at the starting line
Maybe if my head were bigger than my heart
If only the brain was the one that's golden
I could get rid of all my emotions
If I could get at least a bit smarter

I realized I could worry about that instead
Instead of you

Finally I threw the expired food away from my heart
And got some champagne and chocolate

But it's not like I don't think of it
It's not like I don't catch a few glimpses of the possibility
The difference I've learned not to care
I've finally learned
You're not worth it
It's not worth it
And the knives that you plunged in
No longer hurt the same way

Now you're just a funny story I tell
The funny story he knows
He's everything now
The sun, the sky, my love
And he's willing to play the part
You don't know him
You're not him
I've grown tired of princes,
Heroes are more my type

Maybe this won't hurt you at all
Because you know I don't hate you, I never did
And I know you'll be happy to know
I've moved on from you

It's what you've wanted for me all along
So thank you for breaking my heart
[deleted] M
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- My first moving on
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Reading this at 4 in the morning made it better
[deleted] M
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When I was nothing but a pretty showbird,
A lifeless puppet
Your words were the breath that freed me
But alas, we were two trapped eagles
Shut away in cages, far apart
Struggling for each other's touch
You're so close to the key, love
And you promise me in whispers
"We'll be together soon..."
[deleted] M
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- Two Trapped Eagles
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Peace is a lie, there is only passion
With passion, i gain strength
With strength, I gain power
With power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken

The force shall free me, and shall free you

As there was a time, a moment my destiny was uncertain

That moment is gone!
[deleted] M
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I would write a thousand poems
If it meant writing you into my arms
If it meant saving us
But my efforts?
As fruitless as wrapping paper around open wounds
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- Poem Bandages
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Butterflies in my stomach
One word with no English counterpart
Except the feeling of happiness
That makes your body shake
That makes you smile
That makes me feel so
Loved by you
That is what you make me feel
[deleted] M
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- Kilig
[deleted] M
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Do not let your flaws show through
Do not be anything else other than the daughter they want
Do not have any other emotion than happy
You do not deserve negative emotions
You do not deserve to scream
You do not deserve to speak
You do not deserve to chose
You do not deserve to live
Shut up.
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MSMG parents be like
[deleted] M
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- Parental Pressure
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Like a vessel
[deleted] M
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A million headlights on the road
A million stories left untold
A million points of views of life
A million strings and pathways
Twice a billion possibilities collide
And, for a short while, all intertwine
On the road at night
[deleted] M
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- Midnight Road
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