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adios, goofballs.

adios, goofballs. | :[; Everyone, I have an important announcement. Read comments to see it. | image tagged in meh aroace temp real v | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I don’t like to get all not-goofy-serious, but I have decided that I am leaving this site. And just before my one year anniversary. This really was an amazing place for me. It helped my goofy ahh art style turn into a better one, helped me gain confidence (sorta) and make many friends. Thank you to my 79 followers, all my friends, and anyone who supported me. I just can’t seem to figure out why I want to go; Imgflip was one of the best experiences I've ever had online. Thanks to the Drawings stream (for getting art inspo and letting me share art), Furries stream (for helping me find a hobby I didn’t know I’d ever have), LGBTQ stream (for helping me figure out who I am), Adopted By TGM stream (for giving me some of the best friends I could ever have), Gacha OCS and normal OCs stream (for helping me get better at designing OCs), and many others. I might be on from time to time, but not much. I will always remember what it was like here. I will still be on Scratch, so you can visit me there. My username is AcornFromTheTub. Like here, I won’t be on Scratch much, either. I hope you guys enjoyed having me here and will remember meh :’D
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btw, im posting this imge in many streams.
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Lgbbq /j
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In mamorium of you, I have given you a follow, to bring the 79 into an 80
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Bye man see you sometime
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[deleted] M
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:[; Everyone, I have an important announcement. Read comments to see it.
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