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Scp tv show idea

Scp tv show idea |  SCP TV SHOW IDEAS IN COMMENTS I MIGHT ALSO PUT A STORY IN THERE SO YEAH | image tagged in scp | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
161 views 11 upvotes Made by NightmareBonnie.-_ 2 months ago in SCP
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Sitcom about Dr. Bright.
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That would be funny
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Something about scp 173 and scp 096 and scp 682 somehow getting into scp 3008 the infinite ikea lol
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Idk bout this one, but what about a cartoony, kid-friendly-looking show? But in every episode, there's ONE scene that has high-quality models and is horrifying. One moment, 173 and 096 are friends, next, you see his terrifying face attempt to bite 173.
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Like, one moment it's cartoony, next it's realistic. So realistic some will think its REAL.
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You just described dhmis
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Yep. It’s a good idea though
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SCPs in the Hunger Games!

Plague Doctor
The Stairwell
With Many Voices
Young Girl
Indestructible Reptile
Tickle Monster
The Flesh That Hates
Shy Guy
Shadow Person
Red Sea Object
The Sculpture
Possessive Mask
The Old Man
Builder Bear
The Yule Man
The Doorman
Antique Chess Computer
Peripheral Jumper
Infinite Ikea
The Cowbell
Old A.I.
The Gate Guardian
Sleep Killer
The Broken God
Lost Children
Eric's Toy
Daughter of Darkness
Tapeworm Child
Time's Up
MalO ver1. 0.0
The Boogeyman
The Body Harvester
The Headlights
Devourer of Worlds
Eye Pods
Window Ghost
Find Him
3-D Specs
No More Monsters
Foot of the Bed
Wendigo Skull
Many-Winged Angel

For anyone interested in simulating, the link is right here.
Have fun, and tell me who won!
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Bro idk how to add custom characters
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Does the link work, or are you asking me how I added those characters?
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I’m asking how to add characters
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I clicked Edit Cast at the bottom of the page, then clicked on a text box marked under name, and put the contestant's name there, and repeated until all of them are filled in, repeatedly leaving one blank box in between, then clicked "Make Nicknames Same as Names". When I was done, I searched up the name on google images and clicked on the image that best suits it. When doing this, try to find the squarest image you can, because 500 x 1500 will look weird. Try to look for 500x500, or any number, just try to make the width and height the same. 147x150 would work too. Then click "Open image in new tab". Copy the link and paste it in the text box. You will need to add an extension to it, like png or jpg, or even gif! The ones that work best with extensions are usqp=CAU images, or image links that end in numbers. When it says Data:Images at the start, try to open it again. After 5 times if it's still doing it, try finding another image. Make sure to leave a space in between them! After repeating 23/35/47 times, click "Make All Images BW" or "Make All Images X" to make the death images black and white, or generate an X image after they die. Finally, add the genders to be a boy (M) or girl (F) that best suits your contestant. All of these steps are required. Have fun!
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I can’t find the edit button
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It's next to Adjust Cast and above Proceed.

If you're using the experimental version, it's on the top.
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*Adjust Size, sorry for the typo.
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How do I get an image’s source code
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Search the character's name, then choose the best image for it. For tips, read the tutorial, it's outlined with purple. Once you have your image pulled up, right click on it and choose: "Open Image in New Tab" Then go to the tab you have and add .png at the end of the link. Then highlight it and click ctrl+c. Go back to the Edit Cast tab and paste the image in.
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Umm do I need to put an images name twice?
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Only add names twice, only put image names in once and put BW below it.
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What sucks is when I learned measurements I still lived in hillbilly hell
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Yeah, that sucks man.
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What’s funny is how ur talking about it like it’s your sponsor
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I had to explain it well, I had to debunk it like iceberg charts.
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Honestly scp 2521 should be called the shadow scarecrow
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Yeah. I found a short name for him, and it's NARCISSIST. His full name is unknown.
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Travelling through time with SCP-052!
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Ok a guy gets taken by the scp foundation and gets put in d class he has to fight his way through the experiments while a mysterious general beats the crap out of him it turns out the general is scp 106 and the guy has to team up with 049 into taking the crocodile beast one and defeating them maybe in season 2 the scps escape and reek havoc on the like fantastic beasts and then other seasons soon
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