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"Better Call Saul presents: Slippin' Jimmy (2022)," is the greatest work of art ever created, rivaled only by "Morbius (2022)." The characters are deep and multidimensional, storylines are rich and complex, the animation is top-notch, unrivaled by even the best Pixar films.

The setting, a bleak 1970s Chicago, works so well here for the mature humor and situations the characters of "Slippin' Jimmy" find themselves in. I can thoroughly say I've never seen world-building quite as fantastic and deep. The episode plots are superb as well. For example, in the third episode, the main character "Jimmy" gets addicted to weed after being forced to smoke ten pounds of the most expensive strain by a drug dealer, who is secretly Jimmy's arch-nemesis "The anti-Jimmyer." Right as his brain is about to fry over, he is swiftly visited by "Poochie" from "The Simpsons" and 37th US President Richard Nixon who saved him from his crippling addiction and gave him Opioids instead. His drug dealer was caught, and revealed as "The anti-Jimmyer." Right before the episode ends, "Jimmy," with his new power of Opioid addiction, says his signature catchphrase "It's Slippin' time!" as he kicks "The anti-Jimmyer" into the moon.

As a person who has never seen "Better Call Saul," I can safely say I will never be watching it, as it's portrayals of the characters in "Slippin' Jimmy" couldn't even hold a candle to it if they tried. All in all, "Slippin' Jimmy" is truly one of the shows of all time and is exactly the kind of programming I'd see when I turn on AMC late at night when I'm drunk and high before changing the channel almost immediately. 11/10.
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bros at pollos hermanos
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I have a quick question how did you get your user
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