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C=3 AZNON BALL RUN Katie,s Home Bed Home [D] I bet Potters almost Antifa Liberal Right?

C=3 AZNON BALL RUN Katie,s Home 
 Bed Home   [D]
I bet Potters almost Antifa Liberal
Right? | image tagged in side effects,road,kid,jfk,qanon,cicada | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Shining a Dam 🦫
Tip Cup
The Letters are the puzzle like
Epstein Island except
those are 3D lay out the floor
plan below or it's to
enter like the cut of a key 🔑
the Maze in the
Shining too.
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Why Does Obama travel to
places President Trump State visits
Ask Tony
little slow today after Cleveland
My backs sore from sleeping
on the hood of the Batcar
Not really that comfortable
Tumbler fits the name
Im getting to the Blue Jacket CS
I do t watch Sports this last decade
including Snowboarding Skateboarding
or Gum Balls
The one I seen I do believe your in it
Im only doing actors Roles
Maybe Bands at destination
Haven't really thot about cause well
I don't need a bunch of hurt feelings
So I don't know exactly in saying
everyone come.
Be a crowd that would Dwarf
Trump and Obama's combined
Just remember this is gunpowder
and Treason
not chewing gum
Enter at your own risk
Tony says
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Hold the lemon 🍋
caught it
Personally after making that calm your T,s
Meme what ever massage you wanted
to make you can forget it
Case closed next
Fail me what evs don't care not going there
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Wouldn't Earth be the Prism s
Water reflects light
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Must be the same guys that
operate the internet
Go Army
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Another Question that's not really cause
when I look back I always felt this way
What if everything is backwards
O said this before I don't care what you are
neither should Justice
At this point in time really the only thing is
right or wrong
You sent us on a FN pokémon hunt
For that Karms for you all
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The only time I partied with Julian
His GF made him come to Bed
It's true
That was a fun night with those
rich guys from Texas in Buffalo Bills in
They kept laughing at me
Cause my T Shirt said it all
Wont say
I scared to ask what vehicle
Where is Julians Rum now
I can't get on TRUTH in my area says
Telegram you need a cell number
anyways the Rum fits and Ricky has his
head up in the Silver or Pink Clouds
Cocktails and Dreams
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I'm glad your all having a laugh
at my expense.
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It's true I don't have a Bed
I sleep on couple sets of Tower Speakers
Being Honest I only own a Bed when
i'm anchored
Kinda 2 James
Single that doesn't care kinda slob
And Clean freak when i'm in a relationship
Go for walks more too
The Dentist had to wake me last time
I was there.
He was like
That's a first for freezing
Sleep anywhere pretty much
One of the original ideas behind
the Gorilla Suites was in Fact
they are perfect for sleeping in
Nice and Warn
You can't tell one ape from another
unless you can afford Shoes
I have those getting up there
180 for Vans come on
I'm loyal but they ain't 200 dollar
get real
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I guess it's true majority of Humans
Are lemmings that would follow orders
to jump off a Cliff if you told them
I'd rather Die fighting
Going To come back to Cannon Ball
when I think of more Rolls
Actresses will be difficult to choose
Don't want any nagging on this trip
So it's difficult cause well
and we know why
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It's called a Toque
Not Beanie
Sound like a Weenie
Mr Pool
Stick to the Sidewalks buddy
I might be slower on the
Shotgunning Powder
That's my department
I don't grow Moustaches
cause I look like Deaner
Thanks D but I can't be beat
We don't call them [T]oques
Leave the B take the [D]
The price of Smokes has doubled
in 4 years and they suck now
No nicotine
That's ok Blackmarket
Works and is 1/4 cost
Strong too
PS leave the S for the [R]
Ms Pool and her beanie
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Smart move TDog take desantis
out of running 24 and use him
to human trafficking un-welcomes
genius really and so much
like you
I actually spent 104 Days
Homeland Security.
I will gladly state
Be way better a trip on a plane to
a Resort destination.
23 Hours day locked up,
with lights on.
better food I would imagine also
Bacon boy here doesn't hear himself
If they already here
what about
other illegal Biden flights
in the middle of the night
Kinda contradicts your entire plot.
Not to mention don't they still need a
court date before a immigration Judge.
Still not citizens till legal papers
are issued by immigration judge
Kinda know that watching everyone get
out before me
3 or 4 sets of Cell mates
actually every 3-5 weeks not 104 days
like me,
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Dragonfly won't leave me alone outside
Wont settle down for photo
but I took this shot
a few days ago
Don't know what it means yet
but it's something
2 Rabbits Mom and son
2 Stellar Jays
family of Starlings
Salamander Family
Beatles live with them 2
Never before have we had animals
in this yard.
Spiders Webs this year
Most ever I seen round the house
They call it home
First time today I seen
a House Cat at neighbours
The Coyotes feast on Cats here
Don't last long
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7 12 8 6 12 26 12 26 = 46
D=4 46 = 50
O= 15 46 61
46? 50? 61?
Q Post 1
Q Post 1

What's up with this horseshit internet
nothing works or you can't link anything
It really wastes time when it's junk

just saying
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👸 G-4 thot about it must be the position of the Crown not the Cross
Please tell me you got her on ice
or hopefully not actually in there
have to ask cause well your weird
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