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665 views 82 upvotes Made by Mr_duc 9 months ago in Middle-School
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Also bananas contain something called dark mater. dark mater is just like normal matter except the neutrons and the electrons are switched
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youre aware we have no understanding of dark matter, and there is not dark matter in bananas, right?
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actually dark matter is a thing, dark matter is created at high speed collisions. not like car crashes but more like two planets or stars colliding. Interestingly there should be the same about of dark matter in the universe as there is normal matter, but there is only about 15% ish of dark matter. and i got it confused dark matter is with the electrons and the neutrons in the center and the protons circling the two.
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that doesnt mean its present in a banana
there is no evidence that dark matter is in regular matter, and we don't understand it as we haven't approached it. Dark matter constitutes areas in space that are blocked from what we can theoretically see (along with black holes), meaning it's kind of like negative existence
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Big brain boi (or gorl) detected
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Who are you, so wise In the ways of science. | image tagged in who are you so wise in the ways of science | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Hey ferb!! i know what were gonna do today!!
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Yeah, it's the radiation that kills you.
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I might doe of that
I'm probably halfway there
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