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Boys vs girls pockers

Boys vs girls pockers |  BOYS POCKETS:; GIRLS POCKETS: | image tagged in blank white template,boys vs girls | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
2,911 views 69 upvotes Made by Graystone 2 months ago
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Girls pockets: One normal sized phone: overflowing
Boys pockets: Everything: small bump
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You know that this is true, when you don't even need to check your pockets to see if the meme is right
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Texas, Nazi Superweapon, AR-15, two aircraft, and an iPhone.
Sounds right.
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Schwerer Gustav go brrrrrrrr
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Those are A-10 Warthogs, or the plane known to go BRRRRRRTTTT
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how far back did you...
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Girl's Pockets: half of their phone
Boy's Pockets: Mercedes Benz ALG, IMI Desert Eagle, South Africa, Angélina Nava and A Laptop
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I mean AMG
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wait a schwerer gustav!
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My Pockets: America's Military, 20 Iphones, a Wallet, Europe, My House, My Family, and my Dad's Truck.
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Im a girl and can I borrow your pants pls
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This is pathetic
I carry the entire black ops cold war arsenal, all of California, the moon, and a banana in my pockets
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That's pathetic. I carry the ISS, Jupiter, the ocean, and my phone in my pockets.
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WELL THEN. I'll make another showing I HAVE MORE
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it even has the schewer gustav
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