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Silver wins for the first time in Kansas. Full Classification in the comments.

Silver wins for the first time in Kansas. Full Classification in the comments. |  YES! YES! WOHOO! FIRST WIN OF THE YEAR! PAYBACK FOR TALLADEGA! HAHAHA! YES! | image tagged in kansas,silver the hedgehog,silver,nascar,memes,nmcs | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Bringing back good ol memories of his 2018 win there.
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Full Classification:

1. Silver (9)
2. Shadow (24)
3. Lando Norris (38)
4. Rick Astley (52)
5. Ugandan Knuckles (22)
6. Meme Man (23)
7. MascedMan (4)
8. Tails (18)
9. Sonic (48)
10. Red Crewmate (41)
11. Kimi Raikkonen (7)
12. Romain Grosjean (8)
13. Robert Kubica (88)
14. Cheems (43)
15. Doge (11)
16. Amogus (1)
17. Buff Doge (12)
18. Tom (10)
19. Karen (6)
20. Knuckles (19)
21. Steve (20)
22. Boyfriend (42)
23. Shadow.Exe (2)
24. Mario (34)
25. Luigi (17)
26. Orange Crewmate (3)
27. Dream (00)
28. Henry Stickmin (14)
29. Grumpy Cat (13)
30. Vladimir Putin (77)
31. Impostor is Sus Guy (47)
DNF. Antonio Giovinazzi (99)
DNF. Bernie Sanders (15)
DNF. Blue Crewmate (51)
DNF. Choccy Milk (16)
DNF. Liym Milk (53)
DNF. Black Crewmate (78)
DNF. Metal Sonic (5)
DNF. Pico (37)
DNS. Straby Milk (66)
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Silver's post race interview:

"HAHA! LET'S GO!!! I can't believe this! 1-2 finish for me and my dad, holy crap I still can't believe it! I'm literally crying right now.. but other than that, the #9 UniFirst Chevrolet was FAST today, beat everyone else, hell I'm getting flashbacks to my 2018 win here!"
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Lando’s post race interview:

“Ahh, I enjoyed that race, some actual competition! Passing Rick on lap 12 was hard but I couldn’t clear anyone after him. Silver and Shadow were too good.”
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Shadow's post race interview:

"It's great to be back in the car after all that bullcrap. Other than that, 2nd place was good for the #24 Axalta Chevrolet was fast today, 1-2 finish for me and Silver."
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Grosjean’s post race interview:

“Ahh yes. I’m happy for Silver that he wins after the birth of his child plus now Lando has went 2 races without a win. No offence to him but this is SLH dominance.”
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Tails' post race interview:

"I'm happy for Silver. He just had a child with Blaze, so he deserves the win. Anyways, this M&M's Mix Camry wasn't that fast in the start, but during the second half of the race it was fast."
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Knuckles’ post race interview:

“What the f##k is going on here? I can’t believe my career is going like this. I can’t even come close to the points. F##king hell! Congrats to Silver on his child and victory but, please Joe Gibbs, replace me with Jet! Pls!”
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Doge's post race interview:

"Whenever Daytona comes around I'll help Knuckles get to the front and help him win. I don't won't his career to go wrong."
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Metal Sonic’s post race interview!

I enjoyed Bristol but I’ve had such bad luck in qualifying then I get turned by Shadow.Exe AND THEN MY ENGINE TURNS OFF BY ITSELF! Christ, can Hendrick switch to Ford Engines. They are very reliable.”
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(But Hendrick loves Chevy lol)

Sonic's post race interview:

"What's wrong with Chevrolet? It's a great manufacturer. Anyways, the #48 car was fast today. Top 10 is nice. But uh, yeah."
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Ugandan Knuckles' post race interview:

P5. Decent given our main rivals weren't crashed into but I always aim to win and finishing behind Rick Astley means my car didn't knoe da wae."
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