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Shadow takes pole for Silverstone.

Shadow takes pole for Silverstone. |  YES! TAKE THAT, SILVER! | image tagged in f1 meme championship,f1,shadow the hedgehog,silver the hedgehog,formula 1,max verstappen | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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1. Shadow (33)
2. Silver (44)
3. Meme Man (77)
4. Knuckles (16)
5. Eminem (4)
6. Orange Crewmate (3)
7. Sonic (14)
8. James Bond (5)
9. AAA Penguin (63)
10. Blue Crewmate (31)
11. Martin Truex Jr (55)
12. Polish Cow (10)
13. GigaKbuica (7)
14. Kyle Busch (18)
15. Jesus (99)
16. Jenson Button (22)
17. AAA Chef (6)
18. Michael Schumacher (47)
19. Vladimir Putin (9)
20. Moostach Mn (11) (DNF)
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Silver's post sprint interview:

"Car was really good, tyres were good up until the right front was kinda going down. We'll get him back tommorow. The crowd is going crazy for me and I love it. I didn't see what happened between Truex and the AAA Penguin but they made contact and it sent Truex off the track a bit."
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Sonic’s post race interview:

“ 7th was decent and how I held off Bond shocked me! My Soft tyres were done! Anyway, that penguin is always up to trouble so I won’t be surprised if he is penalised.
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Knuckles' post race interview:

"4th is good for us. I saw Putin get turned on the first lap in the mirror. Car is fast, but not fast enough to catch up to Shadow and Silver. Uh, hopefully we'll get at least a podium tommorow."
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Shadow’s post sprint interview:

“Pole for main race tomorrow! In your face, son! IN YOUR FACE! In all seriousness, brake fire wasn’t good but I got the start and never looked back.”
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Martin Truex Jr's post sprint interview:

"That penguin is always up to no good. The car was fast up until that point when he ran me off the track. We hung on, finished 11th, so it's good for us."
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S🅱️Inotto’s post sprint interview:

“Mamma Mia! That Penguin was out ofa controla today! I don’ta trusta him!”
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