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just say NO

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Really? You think this is better?

We are suffering the worst inflation since Jimmy Carter.

Unemployment is on the declined as evidenced by Biden's "jobs bill". Democrats always have to have a Jobs bill. Republicans just make better conditions for businesses and the jobs (real productive jobs) just come by themselves. Just like how Obama left the business world in shambles and massive unemployment. All Trump had to do was win in 2016 and the economy massively rebounded.

You bumbling buffoon now wants to monitor our text messages and if we say something about COVID-19 that he does not approve of then we will get a "fact" check texted back to us by the government. What part of the 4th amendment does Biden not understand?

But if you think this is better then remember that the next time you put gas in the car. Enjoy going broke while you feel better about yourself for voting a senile imbecile as president.
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"Worst inflation since Jimmy Carter"
I agree. I wonder who caused that.
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Obama, Trump and Biden. All three spent money like there was no tomorrow. The worst 3 spenders in the history of this nation. Once Obama started up the printing presses to print more dollars that started the whole thing. Too many dollars in circulation is the direct cause of inflation. Trump curbed the printing somewhat but Biden is right back at it. However, Biden and Obama's plan is to collapse the economy. That is what Biden meant with his campaign slogan "Build Back Better". He borrowed that from the World Economic Forum. They have been using that phrase for their Great Reset plan. And that plan is the collapse the world's economy. According to John Kerry Biden is fully committed to the Great Reset.
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At least he is unifying America like he promised. Promises kept!
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