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Yea this looks bad doesn’t it? ._.

Yea this looks bad doesn’t it? ._. | image tagged in image tags,are,dragon,wolves | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
243 views 24 upvotes Made by DarianGrace-UwU 2 months ago in Drawings
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You need glasses, this looks fantastic :0
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that's way better than what i can draw
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Much pog
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i improved my smearing by greasing up my hands.
but you can use two papers or gloves or grind pencil lead and use make up brush
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I need to draw like dat
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i absolutely hate how the best artists make incredible art, better than anyones ever seen and think they arent good at art. it makes me feel bad cause I sucl
k at it.
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Well, if the artists have made better art than before the piece they just made, they may think the art is worst than normal (not to be rude btw)
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