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What Most Parents Care About

What Most Parents Care About |  your health and wellbeing; a grade on an extra credit assignment | image tagged in anime girl hotline bling,wellbeing,relatable,saddening truth | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I swear to god that was literally my mom and oldest brother in 2019 and also her and this 3rd husband of hers which was actually my "step-dad" at the time during only my days of high school
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yeah. it pisses me off that parents like that have the audacity to do that, like mine. I'm not even emotionally secure and they are beating my ass about my assignments when I'm trying to get back on stable ground for my emotions. I would do them willing fully if I was a ok, but 2020 was rough for f**king all of us in some way, but it was different than others.
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Yea 2020 was kinda rough for all of us too because of the pandemic . But the start of 2020 wasn't exactly any picnic either because of how things were at home during that time
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And yea a majority of my high school days at home were kinda filled with nothing but abuse because.....
1. I'd get cursed at like for no reason for my mistakes
2. during summer break of 2012 I'd have to listen to my mom and "step-dad" about how "immature" my dad was (well of course he wasn't immature that time btw they just made me believe that and made me say all of that to him - and I highly doubt that I'll ever forgive my mom for the last time she said my dad never even did anything for me for my birthdays and made me talk about all of that with him which btw that was this year)
3. My mom and "step-dad" kept me away from my dad during a majority of my time during summer break of 2012 my tenth grade year and summer break of 2013 rolled into one and apparently tried to change my dad and stepmom alongside myself for who they wanted us to be . And they forced me to play along too
4. Most of the time whenever I would try to apologize for my actions (which I very rarely got any forgiveness for them as time went on) one of them would just say that sorry didn't cut it and that's something in my book that just really counts as psychological abuse
5. Just because they wanted me to do good in school my mom and "stepdad" apparently didn't let me have any freedom at all most of the time to do what I wanted and eventually it was all the time (sometimes on weekends that is... Even after I moved in with my dad and afterwards - bam . My stepmom kinda became a lot stricter towards me overtime and eventually it becomes too much and in 2018 things are nothing but astronomically hectic)
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yeah. i am glad that i just got it easy from 2020 and earlier years. but i think what contributed to my emotional unstable-ness was i almost had no friends. and legit when i had got a girlfriend during middle school years, my parents either made me break up with her, or we moved and never got to see her again. so yeah
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your health and wellbeing; a grade on an extra credit assignment
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