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ask if u want

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53 views 1 upvote Made by Orange_juice 9 months ago in Middle-School
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I'm going to answer all
1. Swami
2. 5'2"
5.December 4
7. None
8. A guy named Jett
9. Yes
11. XD
12. 100%
13. Brown
14. None
15. Unbreakable by faydee
17. pink
18. 6 and a half
19. No
20. To be cured of depression
21. When I meet Devin
22. England
23. 2 cats and 1 dogs
24. No
25. Band
26. Never had one
27. yes
28. No
29. I can't
30. my friend Phealon
31. Brown
32. Single
33. If Only
34. Death
35. Kinda
36. Bullying
37. TMNT
38. Camp Rock 2
39. The Bible
41. My bully's popularity
42. Sagittarius
43. Grace
44. Sleeping during class
45. 2
46. Carlos and Eris
47. Bowling
48. Trumpet and song acting(you act as if you were singing the song but you're not)
49. Opening the bathroom door to see my dad peeing
50. Entertainer
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wow nice
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8 and 31
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i dont have a crush right now, and my hair is a light brown with blonde highlights
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favorite movie
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hm the only thing i can think of as of right now would be mean girls
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then what about 49
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haha ok so one time me, my friend, sister-in-law, brother, and mom were going to the beach and at that time i thought i was done with my period, so when we got there my and my friend were having fun and stuff, but then we came back in to like get food and stuff, and my friend wanted to go back into the water so i was like ok, and when i started walking i could just feel something dripping down my leg, and when i looked down i just saw period blood dripping down my leg, so i sat down as soon as i could and just like scotched to where the rest of my family was (they were like 5 steps away) sooo after that we just went home 😂
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woah....i feel bad for you gurl
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ikr there was also this kinda cute guy that was there and i think he saw me 🤦
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