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masks work

masks work | image tagged in funny | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
139 views Made by Political-Dissenter. 2 years ago in Post-All-Stream
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What kinda conspiracy shiz is this
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True facts, no conspiracies. The only reason you said conspiracy is so that you can discredit my argument, and therefore portray me as a nut who thinks that the sky is falling. Nice try, but it didn't work. The facts are, masks cause bacterial pneumonia; that is the source of covid. Fauci and Bill Gates, as well as other UN powers faked a pandemic(to some extent) so that they could experiment with depopulation. (That is the purpose of the vaccines, to kill you) Most people actually died from pneumonia, which the bought-off doctors all said was covid.
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Have you heard about the traces of LITERAL HUMAN FECES being found in all of the big-name vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J)??
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Not only that(although I haven't heard that and have reason to believe it is false) I can tell you that this shot contains jellyfish DNA, for some reason, as well as, components of aborted male babies, experimental spike protein mRNA nanotechnology, and deadly chemical oils, specifically MS-102.
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