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My pvz tier list

My pvz tier list | image tagged in blank white template,pvz,plants vs zombies,tier list | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
4,123 views 6 upvotes Made by Swampert. 3 years ago in gaming
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hypno shroom cool doe
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I dont see why dandelion is underused, its 2x cheaper than Winter melon, and it can attack in the lanes next to he/her.
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I unagree with ur opinion of nightshade. Powering it will make it very fantastic. Ik it's trash when unpowered but it's good when powered. Unranked.
So is dusk lobber and trim rose and shadow shroom
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I normally play the Original PVZ, But Puff shroom is personally my favorite PVZ 1 plant. But you don't have to agree on me.
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Even if Puff Shroom received a Nerf in Pv2, but its still broken and the best part is ITS FREE
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Iceberg lettuce is free and is arguably way better for stalling zombies
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Peashooter is also very cost efficient, and it is cheap to level up
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I think Thyme Warp is should be in outclassed as it can only be used in Neon Mixtape Tour levels and stays level 1.
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I completely disagree with your opinion about Puff-Shroom. Sure, it has short range and a limited lifespan, but it’s FREE. Puff-Shroom is great for building an early defense.
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