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Dr.Snow's Biological daughter. Sakura (Kura for short)

Dr.Snow's Biological daughter. Sakura (Kura for short) | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Sakura: Sakura and Silver(My personal OC) have always been sort of competitive but in a friendly way. They are close friends and love each other very much just like real siblings. Kura secretly has a crush on her adopted Sister but won't admit it. Kura enjoys Call of Duty and other video games. She likes to go for long rides in her car. She wants to be in the military like her father was.

Additional story: One day while Kura and Silver were taking a walk Rose appeared. they watched as Rose eliminated a target and Kura couldn't help but get involved. Silver their father and he came quickly. He intervened in the fight that Kura was clearly losing and disarmed Rose. Rose escaped and Dr.Snow had to have a long talk with Kura and Silver about the threat of demonic energy. So far besides that, there has been no interaction between Kura and hell or any demons. Silver however has seen a demon known as Ace. He walked her home from her friend's house one night when it was dark. She thought he seemed weird but he looked normal and was kind. She never thought anything of it.
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Full Name- Sakura Jima Snow (Yes Sakurajima is referencing the volcano in Japan)

Age- 19

height- 6'1

weight- 175 LB of mainly muscle

Occupation- None. Debating military work.

Interests- Video games, Guns, Reading, Hanging out with Silver.
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