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Silver. Dr.Snows daughter

Silver.   Dr.Snows daughter | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
75 views 2 upvotes Made by Easter-BunBun 2 months ago in Hell-Universe
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Background: my limbs are all bioengineered skin over titanium and wires. So is the left side of my jaw and gums. Those left teeth are also metal. And the right side of my neck and some of my windpipe is also titanium. There's no skin over my left thigh, but besides that, all of it's covered. I need surgery to get the back left of my middle back(Right around my ribcage on my back) replaces because my cells are dying. After that, they'll be all done. This happened during an attack. A bomb was dropped on my home and I was the only survivor. terrorists held me captive until the US military came and found me. there was a massive gunfight that I was also caught in the crossfire of. I had been tortured and was dying fast. A doctor saved my life with robotic surgery. He raised me himself and sent me to school. I now live with him and live a normal life.

Age: 22

height- 5'7

weight- 234 pounds due to all the metal in my body weighing roughly 100 LB

Gender- Depends on roleplay.
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*Pulls a picture out... It's a picture of me with all four robotic limbs. some robotics in my neck and jaw... And some in the left side of my rib cage below my breasts... In the photo, I'm only wearing a Bra and Underwear so that you can see all the robotics*

"I was in a bombing... I was torn apart by bombs and caught in the crossfire between the military and terrorists... I went through 74 surgeries and the man who saved me had to install prototype robotic limbs to save me. They had kinks that we had to work out over time. I'm 22 now... I moved here 5 years ago.. they found me when I was fourteen and for three years I went through constant surgery and updates. I moved here and even still for two years I was in the lab and at the hospital constantly. The man who saved me adopted me... My dad. My real family was killed instantly during the bombings... Heh... I survived three bombs and more gunfire than anyone my age should ever see... But at what cost? I have robotic limbs and horrible PTSD... It's all one big secret... I have to get the flesh removed on my limbs fairly often... As to check on the robotics and make sure they're working properly. Then I spend a week to a month hiding the metal before then can grow more skin to put on"
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