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Joker(Heath Ledger),Hisoka Morrow,and Pennywise

Joker(Heath Ledger),Hisoka Morrow,and Pennywise | image tagged in hunter x hunter,dc,pennywise,clowns,memes,dank memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
532 views 9 upvotes Made by kunsaw 2 months ago
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Hisoka would likely win, but Pennywise is a demon, you know. Whats certain is that Joker's the first to go
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I would think Hisoka would win but I think The Joker would survive against Pennywise, because Joker is not scared of Pennywise since Pennywise can't exactly scare adults compared to children. There is a video of the Joker winning against Pennywise but it might be a close match. Joker would probably be the first one taken out but could possibly somehow beat Pennywise and then Hisoka with his bungee gum powers will finish both of them off. There is a video of Joker winning against pennywise but despite this I know it is fan made. Still think Hisoka would beat both of them regardless
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