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Be yourself

Be yourself | image tagged in autism | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
482 views 45 upvotes Made by who_am_i 3 years ago in Autism
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Hey! I have autism too! But not the kind that makes me take things literally.
Ways I have it

I rely on other girls to guide me throughout my life

I have a hard time making friends with the kids that like me.

I don't like to be with other people.

I don't really like to speak.

I'm really sensitive.

I get emotional outbursts.

My interests are limited

I limit conversations only about what I like.

I'm repetitive.

I don't like being touched.

I take a lot of things personally.
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I have the same list. I got married and my wife has helped me through some of these things. I only like going places with her. I am bothered my sudden loud noises and bright lights.
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why is this nsfw
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I don't know. Someone changed it.
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Might've been my f**kup, so I fixed it.
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God, I WANT to be normal. So. F**king. Bad.
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I learned to accept myself with the help of a wonderful woman and can be myself instead of masking
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This is so true
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