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SCP Label Template: Keter

SCP Label Template: Keter | 100000000000000; KETER | image tagged in scp label template keter | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Containment Procedures: SCP-100000000000000 must be kept in a standard hermetically sealed steel containment cell. The cell has to be fully grey with no coloring on it at all. There can be nothing that is not grey, white or black. Failure to comply with these procedures will cause all of the walls in the entire facility to explode into pink donuts which will cause a full containment breach. SCP-100000000000000 is contained in a facility with only safe-class SCPs, to prevent an X-K or Z-K class scenario. Guards stationed around SCP-100000000000000 are required to take monthly visits to an on site psycologist to avoid SCP-100000000000000's anti-memetic effects. In the event of a full-scale containment breach and SCP-100000000000000 seems to be about to escape area [REDACTED] and meet any members of the general population, the on-site nuclear warhead shall be detonated. This will not kill SCP-100000000000000, but it can incapacitate it long enough for containment teams to arrive.
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SCP-100000000000000 Should have all pictures of it removed from the public as it plays the Nyan cat song in their head as soon as they see it
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Yes very keter
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SCP Label Template: Keter memeCaption this Meme
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  • Nyan Cat
    100000000000000; KETER
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