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Half of the things I think would take six years
Prepare cause the chance that you asked for it
Might show up at your door one night like I’m here
Gonna let me in or just stare
It’s clear yeah, six ain’t enough
That wouldn’t come close to the content between my ears
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How should I put this?
How should I word it?
Chasin' a verdict
Guilty as charged, born as a wordsmith
That isn't true, is it? My hand on the Bible, worthless
I had to work at this to make it perfect (Yeah, and I been)
I been at it all day, all night, yeah
I stay workin' always (Ah-oh)
I catch a flight, then I land on the runway (On the road)
An' catch a ride (Catch a ride), I knew this would hap—
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Wouldn’t say that i’m invincible,
But I,
would say that I got armor though,
Heart of stone,
Crack it you might wake the ghost of 8 year old me,
Tryna face the cold
Waiting for Dad
Or anybody that loves me to
Put they arms around me and tell me “Way to go!”
I’m sad looking-
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dont ask
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