I have written a more detailed summary in the comment section of this meme

I have written a more detailed summary in the comment section of this meme | image tagged in memes,confession bear,politics,imgflip | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I believe that imgflip is beginning to lose its way. I was censored and threatened with having my account terminated after submitting a meme highlighting a proven fact concerning pedophilia. It was censored for "homophobia" (a cretinous newspeak word). I did not all intend on that meme being perceived as anti-homosexual. On the contrary, I support homosexual civil unions. Today, a 5 month old meme of mine was censored for "transphobia" (another cretinous newspeak word). It featured an article criticising pedophilia. I did not intend on that meme being perceived as anti-transgender. I did not even criticise transgenders in that meme. It merely involved a transgender individual that I suspected was a pedophile. I fail to see how that meme violated the imgflip ToU in any way whatsoever. Is imgflip defending pedophiles, and disguising this as support for homosexuals and transgenders? I have reason to believe that imgflip is also defending anti-Abrahamics. The user synthetic-Mantis has frequently posted blatantly anti-Abrahamic content. Nothing has been done. So imgflip is fine with synthetic-Mantis violating the ToU, but angry at me for obeying the ToU? What hypocrisy! I believe that the imgflip ToU needs to be reformed, but if they don't reform it, they could at least be consistent in following the current one.

Here is my suggestion: all imgflip users should be required to enter their age. Content deemed inappropriate for minors (eg. anti-Abrahamic comments) should be hidden from users aged 13-17. It is like the NSFW button is permanently switched on for minors, but for both memes and comments. For adult users, there should be no censorship, apart from illegal content, of course. So users like synthetic-Mantis should not be banned, but the anti-Abrahamic content he posts should be hidden from minors. This could make imgflip both family friendly and pro-free speech.
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Yes, but you see...going back in time and correcting it with some whiteout and a pen all the bad things that have happened is totally in, dude! Get with the times and join in on the tearing down of statues and rewriting history so as not to offend all of the fragile people out there. Lol, just kidding...that was sarcasm, but its' the truth. The approval-process on imgflip is fairly fair, but I've run into a number of situations where whomever was reviewing my post decided all on their own that they did not like the content, even though it was legit for the stream it was submitted in, and then they reject it or whatever...I would hope that imgflip weeds out those losers and removes them from the mod pool.

PS - why do you start the age range at 12? Why not just say "17 and under"? There are tons of people here under the age of 13.
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Tldr good job on length
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good speech, but I don't know if we should only allow the users ages 13-17. I have friends on imgflip. Or maybe I don't. Never mind.
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