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Forza Horizon Mystery Dungeon

Forza Horizon Mystery Dungeon | image tagged in memes,funny,fake_switch_games,forza,pokemon,nintendo switch | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,621 views 10 upvotes Made by Blaziken. 2 years ago in Fake_Switch_Games
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...So a game where a Dodge Charger and a 4x4 meet, the 4x4 shows the Charger their Relic Ornament join the professional racing guild to become the fastest racer, beats some illegal cars in a race, then learns that a Time Piston has been stolen, later they go on a cruise with the rest of the guild, then have to fight the legendary Buggati Veyron, it was just an illusion made by a Prius, the Prius shows them a big lake that has a Time Piston in it, they decide to keep it's location a secret, but then a mysterious car steals the Time Piston. Then a professional racer called Honda Civic shows up at the guild, and tells everyone in town about the future how the winds never blow, how day never comes, how everything is frozen and cold and desolate. They found out the car was a green Cadillac, so they try to confront the car in the Crystal Chasm, but then the Pegassi F*ggio tries to fight them because they think that the Charger and 4x4 are there to steal the Time Piston, the F*ggio gets beaten by the Charger, and the green Cadillac gets the 3rd Time Piston, they find the location of the 4th Time Piston, they get there too late, the third Lake Car Trio member lost in a race, the green car shows up, they try to race the green car but they get left in the dust, but this third member locks up the Time Piston in crystal so they can't get it. The Honda Civic decides to go to the 4th Piston and ambush the Green Cadillac, and succeeds. It turns out the Honda Civic and the green Cadillac are from the future, and now Honda Civic is taking the Cadillac Back To The Future with him, but then after he pushes the Cadillac in, he drags the Charger and 4x4 in with him. They are all in the future now and the Charger and 4x4 are in a garage. The Civic takes them to another area where he puts a tire boot on them all and brings out a car compactor. But they were covered in oil, so they escape by letting the boot break from the pressure and quickly driving off. They then race around the future for a while until they reach a pink bug car. This car can apparently travel through time but to travel long gaps of time they need a special portal. They try to get to the time portal but are stopped by Civic. Civic then calls upon Primal DMC DeLorean to end this fight now, but 4x4 gets the idea of traveling a short distance in time to the time portal, and it works. They come back from the dark future and start collecting Time Pistons.
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The Cadillac collects the Pistons while Charger and 4x4 look for the Hidden Track. They call upon the guild to help them find it and they find out about it through the town elder, Model T. Model T also helps them find out that the key to entering the Hidden Track is the Relic Ornament. They then figure out the Brine Cavern has the gate to the Hidden Track, so they go there and fight some ancient cars in a demolition derby and win. They then reach another Prius, a La Prius, that is giant and carries them across the sea of time. They reach the Hidden Track and travel through until they reach the Temple of Time. They try to figure out how to use the Rainbow Ferry there, but are stopped for a final race with Civic and their minions. They win the race and Cadillac takes Civic Back To The Future with him, and Charger and 4x4 go on the Rainbow Ferry to reach Temporal Raceway. They travel Toto the end of Temporal Raceway and are about to put the Time Pistons in their proper place when Primal DMC DeLorean shows up amd challenges them to a race. They assume that since the world isn't in darkness yet that DMC DeLorean isn't completely controlled by darkness, and should be able to be brought back to reason. They beat them in a race and put the Time Pistons in their place. The world is saved, and they start driving home, but then Charger starts disappearing and then they are gone. The credits show that a few months later, 4x4 is still at the guild but goes to the beach and starts leaking oil. Then the restored DMC DeLorean brings Charger back into existence, everyone is happy, and that is the 1st half of the game.

I spent way too much time on this lol
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I imagined how they would disappear
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Enjoy the story of half of a mystery dungeon game, but with cars for some reason. I'm going to do anything that doesn't involve typing now.
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i know about the Forza franchise, but i don't get this...
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Imaging if that existed then all cars would attempt to go off-roading
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doesn't everyone offroad supercars in forza already?
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Yeah but imagine RWD or FWD cars attempting to go off-roading every time
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exactly what everyone does, right?
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OST list

1) how is this possible - smoothing music
2) escaping from cops (night) -
3) escaped - calm music
4) heading to town - music playing for 6 seconds
5) meeting a friend -
6) first race -
7) racing to the mountain -
8) victory - exciting music
9) meeting up with partner again - calm music
10) partner's theme -
11) first race with partner -
12) vs 15-9 blacklists bosses -
13) friendship starting -
14) good morning - relaxing music
15) adventure with friends -
16) friends themes - calm epic music
17) taking the punishment- sad music
18) driving alone -
19) first demolition derby event -
20) vs blacklists 8-5 -
21) relief -
22) the apology -
23) apology from friends -
24) dead car -
25) danger! -
26) trustworthy friend on the other side? -
27) in the shadow void -
28) vs blacklists 4-2 -
29) back to the world -
30) no survivors? -
31) a survivor! - epic sad music
32) enemies coming! -
33) all alone - sad music
34) we must keep fighting -
35) rescue team theme - epic music
36) helping the rescue team -
37) surrounded -
38) vs the final blacklist -
39) don't let them get away! -
40) they got away... - sad epic music
41) warping back to the shadow void -
42) the next part of the void -
43) reached the end of the void -
44) final boss (part 1) -
45) final boss (part 2) -
46) final boss defeated - epic music
47) we have to get out of here!!! -
48) saved the world but goodbye/credits -
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