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Panik Kalm Panik Meme |  We are at war with all of the world; We have some of the greatest tank generals in history; HITLER SHOT HALF OF THEM | image tagged in memes,panik kalm panik | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Kind of reminds me of something from China's Three Kingdoms time: Cao Cao had the largest navel fleet ever built at the time, but only had 2 experience naval admirals, he ended up executing both when an enemy officer planted a fake note making it look like they were secretly spies, then one of the enemy officers who was a skilled admiral pretended to defect to Cao Cao's side, since he was the only one with note worthy navel skills he was put in charge of the navel fleet, when the fleet set sail the waters were choppy and there was a lot of wind that time of year so the officer convinced Cao Cao to chain the ships together to stabilize them, at which point another navel officer pretended to defect the night before the battle began except instead he set his ship on fire when he got close and rammed it into Cao Cao's fleet, because of the wind and because of the ships being chained together almost the entire fleet burned over night and what was left of Cao Cao and his men were forced to flee before sun rise.
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how did you learn that? I learned it from watching OverSimplified's YouTube video, "Three Kingdoms"
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Mostly from playing the Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms games :P. They base their story modes on actual historical battles and that was a common one used. Later, 9 I think, had a fully flushed out story mode that showed all the major events from the start of the yellow turbine rebellion all the way to the surrender of Liu Bei's grandson.
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you should post this in my new stream, called Memes_Of_Countries
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    We are at war with all of the world; We have some of the greatest tank generals in history; HITLER SHOT HALF OF THEM
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