Spread the word, be careful, save lives

Spread the word, be careful, save lives | image tagged in covid-19,coronavirus,quarantine | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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By staying at home your saving lives and keeping the hospitals from overflowing. Just because you can’t see who you save doesn’t mean your not saving them. One of your friends could live with someone vulnerable or one of your friends friends could to. Don’t break quarantine just because you are bored. I’m talking to the people who don’t stay six feet apart and go on the closed playgrounds. By being carful you are saving lives. It isn’t easy but surely being bored is a reasonable price to pay to save lives? If you stop being careful you are being selfish, just because COVID-19 won’t hurt you doesn’t mean it won’t hurt others. By breaking social distancing and hanging out with friends your making the numbers spike. What could be an unpleasant cold for you will kill someone’s grandparents. I beg you be careful. I know it’s tempting not to, it’s hard being inside a lot. If your country allows it go on a Ike ride or de an activity that keeps you outside and six feet away from others. Don’t use playgrounds or public restrooms. Take a jog or bike ride and stay six feet away from anyone else. Don’t use water fountains. Order your food with instacart or in some other way and sanitize the food before taking it in. Only order take out you can heat up again. Don’t go see your friends. Be careful. Save lives.
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Fellow crabs. What could be more crab worthy than saving lives? People in the army save lives by putting themselves in danger. We can save lives by being careful. What’s a little boredom when we are saving lives? Even if COVID-19 will be nothing but a cold for you you could spread it to someone it could kill. Stay safe fellow crabs, and save lives by being bored.
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