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Where my roblox gamer's at?

Where my roblox gamer's at? |  Minecraft; Roblox | image tagged in memes,drake hotline bling,roblox,mincraft | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
266 views 5 upvotes Made by SuniaVosikata 3 years ago
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Drake Hotline Bling Meme | Saying that ROBLOX is better than Minecraft Saying that both are good, but Fortnite can go die in a hole | image tagged in memes,drake hotline bling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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lmao, why? people had to pay to get Minecraft :/ play roblox instead :)
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People need to learn to respect all games instead of contributing to the toxic 'FoRtNiTe BAd MinecRaFt GooD" meme. I used to hate Fortnite, but now I no longer do. If you're gonna hate on a game, hate on the toxic community, not the game itself. Roblox itself also comes at a price, you have to pay for robux, gamepasses, premium, and the game itself can only be played with an internet connection. :/
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well at least Roblox is not pay to play unlike Minecraft and fortnight, ofc you are gonna buy currency just like fortnight, but you need to pay for the game to play..WHICH IS COMPLETELY NOT FREE & SAME GOES FOR MINECRAFT. I WILL have no respect for other games as they aim to make a profit more than what they should actually profit off.
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keep in mind minecraft is pay once play forever, roblox is a money spending addiction to some people
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...So you're saying that any game that needs you to pay for it is bad?


I have never seen more of a cheapskate in my life.

You need to learn that quality comes at a price.

Sure, Roblox is free, but what does it come with?

A trashfire community.

Updates that only make things worse.

Clone games that milk the success of popular games.
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You GENUINELY do not get how business works if you think every single game should be free. Quality comes at a price, and if you expect everything good to be free, you genuinely have something wrong with you.
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Why can't you just respect all games. People like you cause game communties to become hated.
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Drake Hotline Bling memeCaption this Meme
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Minecraft; Roblox
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