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He was the bastard child of a bigamous marriage between two Communists. His father ran out the day he was born, He grew up in a Muslim household in Indonesia and went to Muslim schools. He had sex with older men in exchange for cocaine. He adopted Marxist ideology. He registered in college as a foreign college student. He had gay relationships. He got into law school through affirmative action. He never did an honest day's work in his life.

He was elected by white people trying to prove they're not racists. As President he did everything he could to weaken America and aid it's enemies. He spied on Trump and tried to throw the election to Hillary. And now he's trying to foment revolution against our government via his seditionist, treasonous, Deep State conspiracy. He and his cohorts should be charged, tried, and hanged from the nearest tree after he receives the same kind of fair trial the Democrats gave President Trump in the House of Representatives.
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