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Your colors are f**ked up. Sorry to bust your bubble, but you have them flip flopped.
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Your mind is f**ked up: Sorry to bust your racist bubble, but the colors are correct. More than twelve thousand public lies in less than 3 years prove it - the colors are spot on.
You're just blinded by lies. Probably willingly.
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Whut? You're tripping on the cool-aid again.. Were you intending to discuss democrats running for the presidential office, the Clintons, or the Obamas? ( those are the sources of your public lies) You are a racist and a bigot, IMO, and you are living in a bubble of HATE toward anyone that doesn't identify as an LGBTQWXYZ, or anyone that might identify as a conservative.

Have you completed your ANTIFA training yet? Have you learned how to bludgeon someone on the skull with a baseball bat simply because they disagree with your ideology? That's coming next from you, as far as I can surmise.. You're a "peacemaker" by virtue of injuring people, ehh? And you would do it willingly, correct?
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Quit projecting, CryptoTruth.
Stereotyping individuals is the laziest, most shallow form of "intellect."
I stand proudly against fascists. You would to, if you knew what "fascism" means.
You should change your username - there's nothing true in what you say. No. Thing.
And turn off Alex Jones and Lush Windbag - or are they too mainstream for you?
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Follow your own suggestion, and "quit projecting".

Paradoxically, ANTIFA are the true fascists no matter how you spin it. They are also PUSSYs, because they are so weak of character, that they hide their identity with masks whilst pummeling anyone that disagrees with them. (They impart physical injury to persons that disagree with them, and they attempt to do so anonymously.) They do this for the specific purpose of exercising a strong dictatorial control over the thinking and actions of others, and they do this to intimidate any person that doesn't bend to the political philosophy, movement, or regime worshiped by ANTIFA. That right there is the very BASIS of a fascist.

Thank you for verifying in this public and permanent record that you identify with ANTIFA. In my book, that makes you a wimp, a pussy, and a spineless thug, hi.txdave.
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Reality | What Trump says, The truth
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